• Hair must be a minimum of 1/4″-1/2″ for best result. If you have been shaving, please allow hair to grow for approx. 2 weeks before your service. Hair is multi-layered like an onion and when it’s cut w/ a razor it oxidizes and hardens, making it course. The good news is follow up services do not require hair to be as long because it will grow back finer.
  • A gentle exfoliation with gloves or non abrasive exfoliant 24 hours before your appointment will remove dead skin build up allowing for a better waxing. DO NOT do right before your service or you will have increased sensitivity.
  • At your first appointment you will be asked to sign a release stating you understand the side effects of waxing. They include, but are not limited to: post wax redness, sensitivity, hives, cold sores for those prone to them, swelling and possible bruising or skin tearing (I’m a safety girls and this is rare). You will also be asked if you are using any products that may compromise the integrity of the skin. See NOTE below.
  • After your waxing appointment you can expect some tenderness. IF IT IS SAFE FOR YOU, some pain reliever before or after your service will help w/ this. Good quality Aloe Vera gel is also recommended.
  • Waxing lasts approx. 3-4 weeks. Everyone is different and those new to waxing may find their hair grows back quickly the first few times. This is because the hair grows in 3 stages and what returns isn’t what has just been waxed, but the hair beneath the skin waiting for its cycle. The pay off is those who stick to a 4-5 week maintenance program will notice a decrease in the amount of hair growth making waxing more comfortable.
  • Waxing DOES NOT make the hair grow back thicker/darker!
  • DO NOT drink alcohol prior to your appointment. It won’t help and may even make it worse.
  • Ingrown hairs are not uncommon. I will make suggestions to decrease the likelihood.
  • Menstrual cycle: Yes you can wax during your period, however your skin will be more sensitive. If you are getting a brazilian I will still perform your service if 1. It isn’t your heavy flow day(s) 2. You wear a tampon and tuck the string in.
  • Pregnancy: Yes you can wax during pregnancy AS LONG AS you are having an uneventful pregnancy. If you are in doubt, ASK YOUR OB!!! Your skin will also be more sensitive.

NOTE:¬†People who are using Retinols/Retinoids/Hydroquinone, Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids must stop taking/using a week prior. Tanners must stop tanning 48-72 hrs prior/after. Accutane users must wait 6 months before resuming waxing. If you are using other acne meds you may be able to be waxed but a consult/patch test will be done prior. NO NO’S: Blood thinners, ¬†Anyone with active Herpes/Cold sores outbreaks (waxing can bring cause an outbreak of oral and genital herpes for those w/ the virus). Uncontrolled Diabetics, compromised immune system and lymphodema.

If you don’t see your question, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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